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Tax consultancy

Planning and fiscal optimisation

The studio offers, after an assessment of the specific       case, a personal planning for the streamlining of fiscal impact. The proper management of the fiscal variable, is essential for the company because it influences the strategies and the choices. The study provides personal planning for fiscal optimisation, after an in-depth evaluation of the specific case.

Corporate operations

The studio assists his costumers concerning tax issues connected to corporate operations, giving a consultancy service in estimate of  the realisable assets, setting the liabilities and  allotment among the entitled people.

Real estate trading

The Studio give assistance and consultancy about development operations and real estate trading, which is checks and drawing up of studies of economic and financial viability.

Company evaluation and Due Diligence

Company ratings , business areas , heritage , individual rights and propriety . In Additions , considering the costumers requirements the Studio carries out audits about the social position and groups regarding the application of tax law and adaptation to the new regulations .

Financial advice

The Studio goes with the client at the business start-up thanks to an assistance and consultancy service that means feasibility study of the business idea.

Tax litigation

The specific knowledge about the taxation area and the direct cooperation with professionals working in this area  guarantees an assistance negli adempimenti at the tax offices, that is  the representations and the PATROCINIO in front of the courts.

Balance sheet e accounting audit

Tax area is committed to the analysis activities but also to the preparation of annual financial statements, both ordinary and extraordinary and to the carrying out of accounting audit.  The certification of the trustworthiness concerning the audit findings is carried out under the revision procedures conform to accounting principles drawn up by professional bodies.

Tax planning

Tax planning concerns a specific study about  costumer’s tax position relating to direct and indirect taxes, evaluating and then proposing the best solutions.

International tax consultancy

Globalisation is in place, and it is the stage of commercial and financial movement between one country and another whether made or received.. The studio has built up over time international experience, being able to include among his clients  soggetti esteri, as natural or legal people, to which offer accounting, fiscal and tax consultancy..  in the same way, we offer to out Italian clients service and consultancy, for the setting up of foreign branches or simply representative offices using expert foreign workers.

Labour consultancy

    • Processing of counts based on differences in pay, compensation for damage, appreciation and profit on behalf of privates, companies and law firms.
    • Editing transactional acts.
    • Union conciliation and arbitrations.
    • Tasks about technical consultancy.
    • Assistance on site in case of inspections.
    • Assistance and verification of fulfilments in case of internal management about the processing of wages.
    • Analysis from social security for each individual and elaboration of retirement plan.
    • Management of labour disputes.
    • Consultancy about complaint using social shock absorbers (CIG, CIGS, ecc,)
    • Consultancy relating to individual and collective redundancies.
    • Fulfilments concerning mandatory employment.
    • Management of problems concerning employment relationships, in particular from the disciplinary point of view.
    • Consultancy for certification of work contracts (that has to be signed at competent authorities).
    • Consultancy about drafting attendant, pseudo self-employment and self-employment contracts.
    • Consultancy concerning drafting of second level company agreements.
    • Study and consultancy relating to the most appropriate types of contract.

Business consultancy

For more than 30 years we consult production holdings.The sector is very complex and requires performance audit and analysis of the budget that allows assessment bodies an accurate valuation of the financial needs and to have efficient corrective actions to their areas of criticality through qualitative, quantitative, final and prespective investigations, as weel as the development. The demand in a market that expresses new “needs”, due to the frequent economic and legislative changes, has led to boosting innovation of our organisation in terms of quality and quantity of services provided by the structure. Our prime purpose is to adapt to the new requirements that the market requires, selecting new collaborators ever more specialised to give completeness and proficiency to our proposal.

C.A.F. Service

Fidanzi&Partners, by working together with C.A.F (Centri di Assistenza Fiscale) and Patronati at local and national level, is able to offer the following range of services:

  • Consultancy, arrangement, evaluation and telematic transmission of the form 730;
  • Arrangement and telematic transmission of the forms red Inps;
  • Arrangement, evaluation and telematic transmission of declaration in place ISEE for social benefits;
  • Release of digital signature;
  • Telematic branch (C.C.I.A.A.);
  • Cadastral certificates branch;
  • Pension procedure;

Legal advice

The professionals in the legal area provide assistance, listen, attention, competence and substance in every single aspect relating to labour law, trade union, social security, civil law, administrative and corporate and to criminal. Commercial law representing clients during the extra.juridical phase, in legal disputes, as well as in the context of arbitral proceedings.

Notary consultancy

Our commercial firm is suitable for all the notarial services through a notary

Assistance in drawing up notarial proposals through agred upon notary offices